Promoting the educative programme and attracting participants in the target group (students of BA/BS and Master programmes).

Expertise in the management of the development and investments projects.

Ensuring, for the LCDC graduates, internship programmes after the completion of the professional training programme and offering also employment opportunities (after the completion of the internship programme).

Supplying office materials (block notes, writing materials) for the students.


Dissemination of the materials prepared during the LCDC programme promotion campaigns.

Participation to interviewing the students applying for the enrolment in the programme.

Involvement in the selection of the group of 10 students who are to participate to the training programme.

Participation to the discussions with the other partners, as to establish the study themes approached annually in the 3 modules of the programme, with a total duration of about 6 months.


Participants enrolled to attend all the modules of the programme.

At least 1 LCDC graduate will benefit from a paid internship programme within TFC each year.


Graduating from the LCDC professional training programme, the participants will acquire the abilities required to become good consultants and have the competences required for writing and implementing projects with non-reimbursable funds.

Facilitating the insertion of the students into the labour market.

Better understanding the profession of consultant and its utility in developing the regional, national and international environment.


Stimulating the will of the youth to work in consulting.

Promoting and practicing the “learning by doing” methods during the educative programmes.

Completing the theoretical issues in the university curricula related to European projects with practical experiences directly in the economic environment.

Correlating the professional training programme with the real needs identified in the labour market and its consistency with the requirements of the employers.



Learn Consulting Do Consulting – Silviu Faur, 2019

Learn Consulting Do Consulting – Andreea Urs, 2019

Learn Consulting Do Consulting – Mădălina Tantana, 2019

Learn Consulting Do Consulting – Andreea Toma, 2019

Learn Consulting Do Consulting – Mira Niculescu, trainer

Learn Consulting Do Consulting – Ciprian Morcan, trainer

Learn Consulting Do Consulting – Sonia Silvaș, trainer

Learn Consulting Do Consulting – Andreea Chiriac, 2020

Learn Consulting Do Consulting –Codruța Nistor, 2020

Learn Consulting Do Consulting – Valeria Manea, 2020

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