Advisory council

Csaba Laczko

Honorary member

Temperance, mastery, modesty – such he was described in an article published by From a young age, he realized that a leadership position means cultivating principles, fairness, trust and being a role model for the team. Antares Romania started with him, with only 3 employees. After 8 years (in 2006) the company had 105 employees and has on the first place among the chair manufacturing companies in the country, according to the top made by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. "In the end, you can have money anyway, I could be a fortune teller if I just wanted to make money. Satisfaction also comes from the relationships you build with your customers, employees, including competition.”

● 1998 - becomes Administrator of Antares Romania S.R.L.
● 1996 - consultant for market research, Antares International Group
● 1992 - becomes an entrepreneur: international business intermediation, auto parts store, stationery trade
● 1989 - becomes interim mayor (at the age of 29) in his native village in Harghita county
● 1987 - first management position, Local Transport Company in Gheorgheni, Harghita County

● Faculty of Road Vehicles, Brașov

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