Management team

Cluster Management Team

Ciprian Morcan

Cluster Manager (Chief Executive Officer)

He is a persevering man of action, who invests time and energy in the ideas he believes in and is convinced that the financial benefits are only the consequence of work done with passion and devotion. Ciprian is a dreamer well-anchored in reality, which helps him keep his focus on important projects.

● 2013-Present: Department Coordinator, AgroTransilvania Cluster
● 2012-Present: General Manager / Project Manager, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster
● 2007-Present: Partner / General Manager, S.C. Hygia Consult S.R.L.
● 2016-2017: Representative of the Cluster Consortium from Northern Transylvania
● 2014-2015: Representative of the business environment in the thematic group “Business environment and smart specialization” from the Regional Planning Committee for the elaboration of the Regional Development Strategy 2014-2020 of the North-West Region of Romania.

● 2001 - 2005: Bachelor's degree: Specialization "Legal Sciences - Law", Faculty of Law "Simion Barnițiu", "Lucian Blaga" University Sibiu, Romania
● 2000– 2003 Certificate of professional competences: “Electronist”, graduate of the School of Application for Transmissions, Informatics and Electronic Warfare, from Sibiu, Romania;

Other specializations and qualifications:
● 2017: Course (MOOC) "Designing a Smart Specialization Strategy", organized by the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne & BAKBASEL Economic Research & Consultancy in Lausanne, Switzerland;
● 2015:
○ “Introduction to Cluster Management Excellence” course, organized by the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence, in Barcelona, Spain;
○ "Pre-gold workshop", organized by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis - ESCA, in Brussels, Belgium;
○ Specialization course: "Trainer", organized by Intratest S.A., in Cluj - Napoca, Romania;
● 2014:
○ “Cluster Academy 2014” course, organized by Clusterland Oberosterreich, in Linz - Austria;
○ “Cluster management mentoring session”, organized by the North-West Regional Development Agency and Aerospace Valley France Cluster, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
● 2008:
○ Course "How to improve our consulting skills", organized by the Ministry for Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade, Tourism and Liberal Professions, Post-Privatization Foundation, in Bucharest, Romania;
○ Specialization course: "Project Manager", organized by Euro Best Team S.R.L, in Bucharest - Romania;
● 2007: Course "SQL Administration", organized by the Training Center for Communications and Informatics "Decebal", in Sibiu, Romania.

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Lucian Maier

Financial Manager (Chief Financial Officer)

Lucian is a balanced, analytical and organized person. He likes numbers and nature. He is not a man of words but a man of deeds, a reliable colleague and a friend in the category of the rare ones. He has a healthy lifestyle and the saying „Healthy mind in a healthy body certainly” applies to him.

● 2014-Present: Economic Director, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association
● 2008-Present: Economist Advisor, Associate, S.C. Hygia Consult S.R.L.
● 2007-Present: Economist Advisor, S.C. CIVIM S.R.L
● 2008-2012: Economist Advisor, S.C. DGD S.R.L.
● 2005-2007: Production Supervisor, Pilgrim’s Pride USA
● 1996-2004: Telecommunications Technician / Telecommunications Center Supervisor, Ministry of National Defense - Telecommunications

● 2010-2017: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), United Kingdom - affiliate status
● 2012-2015: Oxford Brookes University - Bachelor's Degree in Applied Accounting
● 2007-2009: Master’s degree in Financial Analysis and Evaluation, Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Accounting and Management Informatics
● 2007-2008: Faculty of Economic Sciences, "Babes-Bolyai" University Cluj-Napoca
● 1999-2004: Specialization: Economic Engineering in Agriculture, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
● 1997-1999: Postgraduate School of Accounting, "Iulian Pop" Economic College Cluj Napoca

Other specializations and qualifications:
● 2016-Financial controller course
● 2015-Project manager course
● 2012-Project Evaluator Course

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Camelia Pop

Project manager

Camelia is a very well organized and punctual person. The time spent as an assistant manager, helped her to develope an increased attention to detail but also a high ability to adapt to unforeseen situations. She spent the last 7 years with the Hygia team, showing perseverance and teamwork.

● 2013-Present: Expert accessing structural funds, Hygia Consult SRL
● 2016-2018: Research assistant economist in project economic management, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association
● 2014-2015: Assistant Manager, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association
● 2011-2013: Assistant Manager, Radio Transilvania LBM

●2008-2011: Bachelor’s degree, FSEGA, UBB Cluj-Napoca

Other specializations and qualifications:
● 2012:
○ Qualification of Expert Access to European Structural and Cohesion Funds
○ Qualification of Project Manager
●2015: Public Procurement Expert Qualification

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Andra Rotar

International Projects Expert

Andra is part of the very young generation, which gives her the biggest advantage: she approaches everything with enthusiasm. She is a convinced optimist and always tries new things that make her stand out and bring her a sense of well-being and fulfillment.

● 2018-Present: Expert accessing European structural and cohesion funds, Hygia Consult, Cluj-Napoca
● 2018-Present: Assistant Manager, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster, Cluj-Napoca
● 2017 (Aug-Oct): Accountant, Sales Consulting SRL, Cluj-Napoca

● 2018-Present: Master’s degree: Sustainable Regional Development, FSEGA, UBB Cluj-Napoca
● 2018-Present: Master’s degree: Audit and financial management of European funds, FSEGA, UBB Cluj-Napoca
● 2015-2018: Bachelor's Degree, Specialization in Economics and International Affairs, Faculty of Economics and Business Management, UBB Cluj-Napoca
● 2015-2017: Technician in tourism activities, "Alma Mater" post-secondary school, Hunedoara

Other specializations and qualifications:
● 2019: Manager project, ANC accredited certificate

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Cristina Dobrescu

Marketing manager

A true spirit of leadership acquired through years of work and devotion. Responsible for staff training and education for 7 years, Cristina is one of the best mentors you can have.

● 2018-Present: Marketing Manager, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association
● 2014-2015: Project Manager, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association
● 2014-2015: Production Manager, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association
● 2003-2010: Executive Manager, ID Point SRL
● 2001-2002: Software programmer, SoftVision SRL

● 2008-2009: MBA, Excellence in Management Program, ASEBUSS Bucharest
● 2001-2002: Master’s degree, Faculty of Informatics, UBB Cluj-Napoca
● 1998-2001: Bachelor's degree, Faculty of Informatics, UBB Cluj-Napoca

Other specializations and qualifications:
● 2019: Course "Emotional Intelligence and Efficient Communication", BMM Academy, Cluj-Napoca
● 2014: Course "Performance Management", BMM Academy, Cluj-Napoca

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Dana Dragonici

Foreign Relations Manager

With impeccable time management and flexible thinking, maintaining relationships with partners has never been more effective. Dana is a serious and responsible person. In dealing with partners she is empathetic and easily adapts to unforeseen situations.

● 2019-Present: Internationalization Manager, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association
● 2015-2019: Marketing Manager, Napoca Software
● 2014-2015: Freelancer, PFA Dragonici Dana Teodora
● 2011-2014: Research Assistant, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

● 2011-2014: PhD, Management and Economic Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
● 2009-2011: Master’s degree, Faculty of Business, UBB Cluj-Napoca
● 2006-2009: Bachelor's degree, Faculty of Business, UBB Cluj-Napoca

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Levente Denes

RDI Manager

A model in life, both literally and figuratively. A very large part of Levente's professional experience was accumulated at the University of Sopron where he still works. Over time, he has successively held the positions of university professor, vice dean and head of department, developing and perfecting his leadership and management skills.

● 2005-Present: Head of Department, Central Testing Laboratory, Sopron University, Hungary
● 2008-Present: Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering, Sopron University, Hungary
● 2012-Present: Education Program Coordinator, Sopron University, Hungary
● 2013-Present: Director, Natural Resources Research Center, Sopron University, Hungary
● 2015-2017: Vice Dean, Sopron University, Hungary
● 1997-1999: Design engineer, SC FAMOS SA

● 1999-2006: PhD, Materials Science and Technology, University of West Hungary
● 1991-1997: Qualification of engineer, Specialization Wood Processing Technology, Transilvania University of Brașov

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Raluca Bugnar

PR Manager

Raluca is an idealistic person, whom experience has taught her to be pragmatic and persevering. The time spent in the PR department formed her beautifully, currently excelling in everything she does. In addition to her day-to-day work, Raluca works with volunteers educating the younger generations about the art of cinema.

● 2017-Present: PR Consultant, public relations specialist - Hygia Consult, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster, Create.Act.Enjoy Association, EducaTIFF - film education program for children and youth
● 2016-Present: Volunteer coordinator, public relations specialist within the association Create.Act.Enjoy (annual projects Therapy through Art and the Creative Moon - non-formal education for students)
● 2015-Present: EducaTIFF Coordinator, event organizer (School Otherwise, Young Audience Award at Cinema Victoria, EducaTIFF Cinematheque, workshops and film screenings at TIFF Cluj, Sibiu and Bucharest)
● 2010-2018: Event moderator: TIFF Cluj, Les Films de Cannes in Cluj, Cluj International Comedy Film Festival, TIFF Oradea, various gala premieres for Romanian films
● 2010-2015: Journalist, PR, social media, web editor
● 2010-2013: Journalist within the editorial office of the newspaper AperiTIFF, the publication of the TIFF festival
● 2009-2010: Editor, web editor of the daily Foaia Transilvană
● 2007-2009: Journalist daily Cluj Expres, S.C. InformMedia SRL

● 2004-2008 - Department of Journalism, "Babeș-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca

Other specializations and qualifications:
● 2016 - training course, National Authority for Qualifications (NAQ), through the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection and the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation

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Mădălina Tantana

Management Assistant

The initiative is something appreciated and desired by everyone, and Mădălina has plenty. She is eager to get involved and always ready to help. Very well organized and attentive to everything that happens around her, she is a good listener and coordinator of multiple activities.

● 2019-Present: Expert accessing European structural and cohesion funds, Hygia Consult SRL
● 2019-Present: Marketing Referent, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association

● 2019-Present: Master’s degree, Audit and Financial Management of European Funds, FSEGA, UBB Cluj-Napoca
● 2019-Present: Master’s degree, Sustainable Regional Development, FSEGA, UBB Cluj-Napoca
● 2016-2019: Bachelor's degree, Economics and International Relations, FSEGA, UBB Cluj-Napoca

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Levente Miko

Legal Adviser & Procurement Expert

Levi is a serious, responsible person, oriented towards solving situations. He is a perfect consultant and in a continuous search for improvement. For 9 years, he carried out social assistance activities, helping to solve hundreds of cases of poverty, family abandonment or financial aid.

● 2014-Present: Public procurement expert, SC HYGIA CONSULT SRL
● 2015-Present: Legal Adviser, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association
● 2015-2016: Public Procurement Expert, Student Plus Association
● 2006-2015: Legal Adviser, Turda City Hall - Turda Public Social Assistance Service

● 2009-2011: Programmer-Informatics Analyst, Turda Technical College
● 2005 - 2007: Master’s degree, Criminal Sciences and Criminology, “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, Faculty of Law Cluj Napoca

Other specializations and qualifications:
● 2016: Specialization: Human Resources Inspector
● 2010: Training course for Mediators, organized by the Association of Ultrasilvam Mediators from Cluj Napoca
● 2009: Training: "Public Procurement Expert"
● 2008: Improvement: "Management of European projects", "Communication in a foreign language" (English)
● 2007:
○ Internships in: "Environmental Management", "Labor Law", "Communication"
○ Specialization: "Public Procurement Manager"
○ Specialization: "Legal Management"

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Ioana Dragonici Cicală

Event Organization Manager

As a Marketing Specialist with over 5 years experience in the Marketing & 5 in Sales, Ioana have been in charge of: designing and implementing marketing and digital strategies, branding and employer branding campaigns, sales and event management and research projects. She is passionate about performance measurement and new technologies.

● 2013-present: Marketing manager, SC SALICE COMPROD SRL
● 2014-present: Independent marketing consultant, PFA CICALĂ Ioana
● 2014-2015: Responsable for Social Media Marketing and Event Organizer, International Advertising Association Young Professionals Cluj
● 2011-2015: Full-time PhD student in the POSDRU Q-DOC project - Increasing the quality of doctoral studies in engineering sciences to support the development of the knowledge-based society, UTCN-Department of Design Engineering and Robotics
● 2008-2009: Senior Sales Representative, MBI Marketingberatung International

● 2007-2008: Master’s degree, FSEGA, UBB Cluj, “Marketing and Management Strategies and Policies”
● 2003-2007: Bachelor's degree, FSEGA, UBB Cluj, Marketing Specialization

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Cosmina Ruja

Human Resources Manager

We can say that if anything recommends Cosmina, that is the attention to detail. Responsible for following and correcting the supporting documents regarding the patrimonial operations, you can always rely on the fact that any mistake will be found and corrected when a document arrives in Cosmina's hand.

● 2012-prezent: Economist, SC SALICE COMPROD SRL Cluj-Napoca
● 1999-2012: Economist, SC Jolidon Import Export SRL, Cluj-Napoca
● 1999-2012: Manager, SC Jolidon Import Export SRL, Cluj-Napoca

● 2007-2008: Master’s degree, Faculty of Business, UBB Cluj, "Business Administration"
● 2003-2007: Bachelor's degree, Faculty of Business, UBB Cluj, Specialization: Business Management in the hotel industry

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Dragoș Negoiță

Sales Manager

A calculated man with bold proposals. Dragoș is constantly looking for process optimization. He is also a reliable negotiator who will always try to obtain the most profitable agreement for both the buyer and the seller. Promoting a proactive attitude within the team makes working together always a pleasure.

● 2013-Present: Sales Director, SC NAPOCHIM SA Cluj-Napoca
● 2012-2013: National Manager, SC CLEANSTEPS SRL Cluj-Napoca
● 2011 (Mar-Dec): Sales representative, SC DELACO SRL Bucharest
● 2009-2011: Junior Key Account, SC KALPO SRL Bucharest
● 2007-2009: International Key Account Representative, SC LACTAPROD SRL Bucharest

● 2012-Present: Bogdan Vodă University Cluj-Napoca

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Remus Bolba

Business Information Manager

An innate leader with very good abilities in terms of staff organization and management. A man with great visions and over 10 years of experience in developing and implementing strategies. Remus is the person who does everything by the book.

● 2015-Present: General Manager, NAPOCHIM SA
● 2008-2012: General Manager, CHIMICA SA
● 2009-2011: General Manager, CHIMSPORT SA
● 2005-2008: General Manager, STAIRS SRL
● 1999-2005: Administrator, Practer Prodserv SRL
● 1998-1999: Financial Director, MAFIR SA
● 1997-1998: IT Engineer, Construzioni Calisto Pontello SRL
● 1994-1997: Head of accounting office, Cluj Mining Exploitation

● 1987-1992: Bachelor of Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
● 2012: Professional Diploma in Management, COURSE: Open University Business School, CODECS
● 2008: Professional Certificate in Management, COURSE: Open University Business School, CODECS
● 1992-1994: Master’s degree, Economic Management Analyst, UBB Cluj-Napoca - Institute of Business Administration, University of Toulouse, ISCED 5

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Roxana Lazăr

Commercial manager

Able to coordinate both human resources and budgets, raw materials or projects financed from non-reimbursable funds. Working for 16 years, she learned to take the initiative and manifest leadership skills. In the period 2004-2015 she was directly involved in 3 projects of the POSCCE program: "Development of a business structure for the production of plastic accessories for furniture", "Creation of a new business infrastructure for the production of plastics needed in the furniture industry" and “Research for design and implementation of plastic parts for the furniture industry”.

● 2018-Present - leads the logistics department of Napochim, which involves both care for the storage of finished products and responsible waste management
● 2017-Present - coordinates quality management systems within Napochim Cluj-Napoca
● 2015-2017 - takes over the position of assistant manager at Napochim
● 2012-2015 - coordinates the activity of the sales team and organizes trainings for work efficiency within HomeDeco Style Cluj-Napoca
● 2007-2012 - takes care of the correctness of all financial transactions at MGV Distri Hiper, from the position of cashier-treasurer
● 2005-2007 - leads the Oncos store team, also having supply and staff recruitment activities

● 2008-2011, Bachelor of Economics, Faculty of Management, Accounting and Management Informatics, "Spiru Haret" University of Brașov

Other qualifications:
● 2017 - Internal Auditor of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems

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„Functional coatings” Laboratory

Gheorghe Petruța

Functional coatings laboratory coordinator

Knowledgeable of the path that each producto has in the furniture industry, due to his organic rise in his career, over 18 years, from arranging the goods on the shelf to designing the strategy for launching new products

● 2020-Present - takes over the position of Category manager at Hafele Romania, where he proposes the sales strategy for the product portfolio, analyzes the profitability of products, as well as the market and competitors and organizes the launch of new products
● 2007-2020 - becomes executive director of Salice Comprod, having a role in establishing the market strategy, the budget of revenues and expenditures, coordinating all departments, as well as modernizing the company's locations
● 2003-2006 - advances to the position of sales director, having the role of coordinating the teams in Salice stores, as well as negotiating important contracts or participating in fairs and exhibitions in the furniture industry
● 2001-2003 - sales representative Salice Comprod

● 2008-2011, bachelor's degree in management, Faculty of Economics, "Bogdan Voda" University of Cluj-Napoca
● 1996-2000 - certified professional programming analyst, “Tiberiu Popoviciu” High School of Informatics, Cluj-Napoca

Other qualifications:
● 2017-2018 - Photographer, ArtImage Association
● 2015-2016 - Course "Business Management and Administration"

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“New materials” Laboratory

Felicia Baciu

Department coordinator

Constantly looking for new challenges is the way she describes herself. With experience as a laboratory technician and technologist, Felicia easily adapts to unforeseen situations, showing balance and self-control in stressful situations.

● 1984-2017: Laborer, Technologist, Head of Department, SC NAPOCHIM SA

● 1984-2000: Bachelor's degree, Faculty of Chemical Technology, UBB Cluj-Napoca, Specialization: Organic chemical technology

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“Product Development” Office

Arthur Cotețiu

RDI Expert

With over 8 years of experience as a research engineer, Arthur has contributed to the technical and R&D department. The preparation of product data sheets and the digitization of their parts are things he excels at.

● 2017-Present: Responsible of covers, TAPARO SA Târgu Lăpuș
● 2017-2018: Research Engineer in Materials Science, TAPARO SA Târgu Lăpuș
● 2013-2017: Engineer, SC EUROCOMFILINVEST SRL Târgu Lăpuș
● 2011-2013: Research engineer, SC SOFA WORKS SRL Târgu Lăpuș
● 2010-2011: Research Engineer in Materials Science, TAPARO SA Târgu Lăpuș
● 2007-2010: PhD student, Research Assistant, UTCN

● 2007-2008: Master’s degree, Specialization Special procedures in materials processing engineering, UTCN Cluj-Napoca Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
● 2002-2007: Bachelor's Degree, Specialization in Materials Processing Engineering, North University of Baia Mare Faculty of Mineral Resources and Environmental Protection

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Florin Raț

RDI Expert

A practical, consistent and loyal man. Florin has been a design technician for 9 years at SC TAPARO SA. The skills that recommend him are decision-making and responsibility, dedication and good coordination and management of work.

● 2011-Present: Design technician, SC TAPARO SA

● 2014-2016: Master’s degree, Quality Assurance in the Textile - Leather Industry, Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași
● 2007-2011: Bachelor's degree, Faculty of Management, North University of Baia Mare

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