Competitiveness pole "Transylvanian Furniture Cluster"

Transylvania Furniture Cluster competitiveness pole – the first initiative of this kind in the furniture industry, received funding for the implementation of an integrated package of projects from the Cluster Development Strategy for the next 10 years. The proposals were made in partnership between several members of the cluster, under the coordination and monitoring of the cluster’s management team.

The total value of the integrated project package was about 6.5 million euros.

The project’s package included:

  • 6 infrastructure investment projects, with the aim of creating and modernizing production capacities for furniture, plastics, recycling of production waste, plastic accessories and painting;
  • 2 “soft” projects – management and visibility of the cluster;
  • 2 R&D projects, in collaboration with a technical university.

The aim of the projects were to contribute to the competitiveness of the industry in the North-West Region through innovation and research while, at the same time, encourage cooperative relations within the value chain of the furniture industry.

Results of the projects consisted of:

  • 23 partnerships within the Cluster Mobilier Transilvan Competitiveness Pole, which benefited from the coordination and monitoring of the project implementation management team;
  • 1 project management set up
  • 2 RDI projects developed and implemented
  • 13 patent applications for new products filed with OSIM
  • 1 application to the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • 17 scientific papers published by the partner companies in the project