5 Jun

Innovation for business – a team weekend at Smida

Innovation for business – a team weekend at Smida

Representatives of companies and organizations with membership in the Transylvanian Furniture Cluster decided in April to spend a weekend together on June 4-6 at Smida Park Mountain Resort & Spa. In addition to recreational activities, on Saturday, June 5, we will have a program dedicated to networking and teamwork.

Agenda for June 5:

14:30 –16:00 – Human resources challenges in the furniture and related industries (quantitative availability & skills needed; joint initiatives)

– current situation, pandemic effects and opportunities
– proposal generated by the INTRIDE project – curriculum of industrial designers – consulting companies (presentation + video)
– programs and initiatives in the laboratory “Custom Design / Product Development – CREIC” – UIA project evaluation (presentation + video)
– agenda for # TCIC2021 – registration of participants and presentation of opportunities for TFC membersembers

16:30 -18:00 – The internationalization of companies and support for entry into third markets

– FGOI project details – identification of companies interested in target markets (USA, Canada, Egypt, South Africa)
– European RAMP marketplace opportunities & funding of experiments (manufacturer, technology provider and artist) within the Better Factory project
– the stage of the initiative of the international representation offices started within the Smart Romania project; opportunity to open a representation office & showroom in Egypt
– hosting foreign invitations to # TCIC2021 and other international initiatives for autumn 2021

18:00 – 19:00 – Other topics initiated by cluster members




June 5, 2021