Periodic identification of the challenges most of the cluster members face.

Searching for efficient solutions to the common problems, by identifying suppliers.

Creating a strong voice by representing all TFC members in starting direct negotiations with suppliers.


Centralizing the needs expressed by the TFC members through questionnaires, work visits, meetings, workshops and organization thereof depending on the priorities.

Organization of at least two annual consultations to validate the priority needs identified by the TFC management team. During the “Innovation for Business” meetings the needs identified together with the representatives of the TFC member companies and an action plan is established.


Through the PROCUREMENT CENTRAL ENTITY, the TFC management team has already completed two rounds of negotiations for electricity price reduction.

In 2020, the centralization of waste generation, per types and categories, was completed in order to start a common recycling negotiation.

At the same time, a common procurement of goods pallets transport services is analyzed.

Every year, an increasing number of TFC members join the project.


Individual cost reduction when paying the invoices for various services.

Strengthening the trust in the power and importance of collaboration within the cluster to face the common challenges and develop the industry on a long term.


Savings at the level of the budget of the TFC member companies or entities, that can be reinvested for development, extension and product diversification products, internationalization, etc.

Contribution to the protection of the environment, with a focus on the consumption and distribution of resources, as well as on the carbon footprint or on gas emissions of the machinery.

IMPACT (estimated)